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Lenticular printing manufacturer Guangzhiyuan professional lenticular printing technique
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Guangzhiyuan 3D Technology Co., Limited is a professional supplier of designing, producing, researching, and developing lenticular lens sheet, lenticular plastic sheet, fly-eye lenticular sheet, dot lens sheet,  lenticular printing, 3D card, lenticular product, 3D lenticular postcard, lenticular card, 3D lenticular advertising, lenticular decorative photo,3D lenticular posster, lenticular bookcover, 3D lenticular bookmark, large size outdoor or indoor lenticular advertising poster...

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Analysis of the future development prospect of 3D printing industry

With the relatively high growth rate of "3D" and "personal" printing, it is expected that the "3D" printing industry will continue to rise. It will hel...

Which company is the best?

Jiangmen guangzhiyuan stereo Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and design of 3D grating film materials, 3D 3D grating products, 3D grating film professional design,...

How to make good effect 3D lenticular printings?

1. You must know how to choose picture or image, if there isn’t any 3D effect in itself, then can’t make good effect 3D lenticular printing by best technology and equipment...

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